Saturday, June 5, 2010

Do any of you have a paranormal event that you would tell us about?

Let us know! Maybe there our some of you out there that have? Hopefully we can post them on here and talk about it!

I personally have been in my house and the sinks in the bathrooms have turned on automatically. They run long enough for what seem someone or something are washing their hands in the sink. I know it cant be me or my wife, because we are the only ones that live here and were in bed at the time.

Other times I have been at hotels traveling for work I would hear wierd sounds. Once at a hotel in Milwaukee I would hear random banging on the window. When I went to investigate, there was nothing there and the banging would stop. Another time at a hotel in Tinley Park I heard shuffling through out the room. It was almost like something was pacing at the foot of my bed. I just told whatever it was that I didn't care that it was there, but to please stop as I was trying to sleep. The wierd thing was it stopped as soon as I asked it to.

Please let us know any stories that you all may have!

~Rob Roquet


  1. My house has weird noises in it and they are heard when no one else is awake, orbs at night in my room and a feeling of someone watching us from one of my garages.

  2. Melissa, do you feel threatened in any way? If you would like to contact us, or if you need to just talk to someone about not hesitate to contact one of us at Small Town Paranormal. We would love to help if you would like us to. - Dan

  3. Dan no I have never felt threatened here but we would like to see if there was anything here. When I first moved into this house I looked into the attic and had a cold chill come across me and I froze on the ladder and all I could see was a little blonde hair boy hanging by a homemade cross with hand cuffs or ropes to tie him up and a man in front of him and I never saw his face and then I immediately saw the little boy with something tied around his neck. I have not been in the attic since but people have told me they hear a little boy. I have seen a woman and man in our garage and when we have our haunted yard ever year they re at work with us not against us. I would love to talk and we all have stories from here and the old apartment building we lived in.