Saturday, June 5, 2010

What do you think makes a place haunted?

What is it that makes a place haunted? Feelings? Sightings? Strange noises? Unexplained lights or objects moving around with nobody there to move them? Tell us what you think! We value everyones input. If you are a skeptic, thats fine. If you believe in the paranormal, thats fine too! There are a lot of people who believe but are afraid to admit it for the fear for being laughed at or labeled. There is no labels here! Thanks for the support!

Dan Norvell


  1. Strange noises, feelings of someone near you and they aren't psychically there, orbs in the atmosphere.

  2. Sometimes noises and feelings are good indicators. Orbs may be a natural ball lightning. It may or may not be paranormal, but they are most likely energy either way. We rarely post orbs as evidence, because they could be so many different things. The one we have posted, is because 3 of us were present, and we documented the conditions, the wind direction, and the moon was behind us. The cemetery was also pitch dark. Other than that one, I have not had another orb picture that I would consider posting as evidence. The feelings and noises, I think are more valuable....but it is difficult to get a group of people to feel the same thing. If they do, then you may have something. Thanks Melissa!!! - Dan

  3. We always feel like someone or something is watching us when we are in my backyard and near a particular garage. I feel it and so have a few others. My ex-husband wont be outside alone because of it but I will.