Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Unity in the Paranormal Community.

I want some input in the "Unity in the Paranormal Community" movement.  I discussed it on Facebook, and I got some great input.  I want to hear what you think about the subject.  I will see what you all have to say, and then i will add my 2 cents.  Thanks - Dan


  1. i wish that we all could get along and help each other out with out bashing each other that is not what we are all about. we are supposed to help people..........

  2. You are right. I wish there was more Unity. We work closely with NIPRT (Northern Illinois Paranormal Research Team) and it is a great fit. We both have the same goals in mind. - Dan

  3. I feel unity is very important in this field. weather it be working with other teams and/or involving the fans. It's not about who's better or not, it's about finding the answers to the paranormal questions that have been around for ages.

  4. When I started out as a paranormal researcher/investigator, about seven years ago, there was really none of that. Recently, however, I am shocked at some of the things I have witnessed. There is no need for it. I'm sure, being individuals, we ALL have many differences of opinions. I have just experienced what seems like an increase in intolerance for any one who has a differing viewpoint about even the silliest of things - even food preferences!

    There is room for everyone and everything - don't agree? Just take care of yourself :)

    Sarah Troop
    Boyle Heights Paranormal Project

  5. I agree Sarah. There is room for all opinions in this field. You just might hear something that you need to find out if you take the time to listen. Take care! - Dan